Wisdom Tooth Extraction and Top Reasons It is Recommended

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Understanding more about wisdom tooth extraction and why it is necessary is a great idea. Many people need their wisdom teeth extracted from their mouths in order to support overall good oral health. This extra set of teeth can potentially cause problems with the existing teeth, making it necessary for anyone whose wisdom teeth are growing in to make a dental appointment as soon as possible.

About wisdom tooth extraction

The extraction of wisdom teeth is one of the more common types of surgical extractions dentists perform. While many extraction procedures are considered to be simple, sometimes wisdom teeth extractions are complex procedures. In order for a dental professional to extract an unwanted wisdom tooth, they will make a small incision in the gum tissue in order to reach and extract the tooth.

Top reasons why wisdom tooth extraction is recommended

According to the American Dental Association, wisdom teeth extraction may be necessary for those who experience changes in the area of those teeth, such as pain, repeated infection of soft tissue behind the lower last tooth, fluid-filled sacs (cysts), tumors, damage to nearby teeth, gum disease and extensive tooth decay.

Neighboring teeth

One of the more common reasons why dental patients need to have one or more of their wisdom teeth extracted is because if they do not, the wisdom teeth will damage their neighboring teeth. Wisdom teeth can damage neighboring teeth by pushing them out of their correct position, making them no longer straight. They can also damage neighboring teeth by causing an infection in the mouth, which should be avoided as oral infections can be very serious.

Severe tooth decay or gum disease 

When a wisdom tooth has severe decay, it is often extracted versus treated using other types of dental treatments, like fillings. When a wisdom tooth is in decay, there is a chance that it will lead to an oral infection and oral infections need to be treated as soon as possible. When severe gum disease is existing around a wisdom tooth, it can affect the supporting tissues and bone structures of the teeth, making it necessary to extract it.


Whenever wisdom teeth cause dental patients pain, it may be because the wisdom teeth are impacted. Once a wisdom tooth becomes impacted, it can lead to the patient experiencing a great deal of swelling and pain. Because it is possible for the patient to experience additional dental problems when their wisdom teeth become impacted, many will need to have them extracted from their mouth in order to avoid any additional problems.

Wisdom tooth extraction

In need of wisdom tooth extraction? Working with a dentist is a great place to start. An evaluation can be done in order to determine whether or not the wisdom teeth need to be taken out. There are a lot of factors that play into the decision, which is why it is important to undergo an evaluation. Reach out today to get started or to learn more! 

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